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Meet The Ghanaian Woman Who Climbed Kilimanjaro for The Safety of African Children

Awo Aidam Amenya is the Ghanaian woman whose name we won’t be forgetting anytime soon and here’s why; A child online activist and the Executive Director of the Child Online Africa, Mrs Amenya has entered the history books as the first Ghanaian woman to summit Africa’s highest mountain, Mt. Kilimajaro in efforts to raise awareness …

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Woman Climbs Kilimanjaro to “Make a Case For Online Safety”

A Ghanaian woman who was on a mission to climb Kilimanjaro to raise awareness about online safety finally made it. Awo Aidam Amenyah on Sunday reached the top of the tallest mountain in Africa located in Tanzania. She embarked on this journey to advocate and push for the protection of children online. Amenyah is also the executive director of …

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